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Among various publishers of physical education books and sports books in India, we - Sports Publication are a leading company. We are trusted as a leading Books Publisher and No. 1 stockist of 600 well acclaimed sports literature titles. The catalogs include - B.P. Ed Books, M.P. Ed Books, B. Ed Books, Sports Books, Physical Education Books, Sports and Physical Education Books. All these titles are available in English and Hindi, altogether these contribute to a sales volume of Rs. 40 Lac.

Since our inception in 1990, Sports Publication has created a wide and dependable distribution network that spans throughout the country. The entire network is managed by a team of experts, who have rich experience in this industry. This allows us to deliver the sports books publisher and/or physical education books anywhere in India, within the stipulated time.

We are an imminent part of crescive publishing industry, who has created a separate section for best sports books. Our think-tank comprises seasoned writers, teachers and scholars who have made major contribution in the production of top sports books and game books. They give equal attention to content and form of the book, their layout, print quality and the most important text material which is assured to be rich enough that inspires all the readers from teachers to libraries, sports lovers to trainers, sport institutions etc. In conjunction with individual publications, we also publish a number of series. This enable us to keep the budding sports people and other readers involved in sports and games.

Our Books Range:

Sports Publication is the largest Stockist of Physical Education & Sports Books in India. We have published more than 700 hundreds books. Moreover, we are also the major Books Publisher of B.P. Ed Books, M.P. Ed Books, B. Ed Books, Sports Books, Physical Education Books, Sports and Physical Education Books, etc. The books, we offer, cover all the syllabus decided by the government. Our few more publications are.

  •     B.P. Ed Books
  •     M.P. Ed Books
  •     B.Ed Books
  •     Sports Books
  •     Physical Education Books
  •     Sports and Physical Education Books

Some Great Titles

  •     Teach Yourself Series
  •     Sports Encyclopaedia
  •     Rules Book Series
  •     Health Education
  •     Physical Education Series
  •     Sports & Games Dictionary
  •     How to Play Series
  •     Teaching & Coaching Series
  •     B.P.Ed and M.P.Ed Books

Our New Edition Books With Respective Author's Name

Book Name

Author Name

Sports Journalism

Prasidh Kumar Mishra

Health and Body

Dr. A.K. Srivastava

Health and Diet

Dr. A.K. Srivastava

Health and Exercise

Dr. A.K. Srivastava

Encyclopaedia of Health Education

Dr. A.K. Srivastava

Principles of Physical Education and Sports

Dr. K.S. Amtare

Sports Officiating and Coaching

Dr. Reddy

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rules of Games and Sports

Dr. Tarak Nath et. al

Methods of Physical Education

Dr. Mishra

Organization and Administration in Physical Education

Dr. Baljit Singh

Sports Management

Dr. S. Chakraborty

Research Methods in Physical Education

Dr. Suresh Kumar Kutty K.

Nutrition and Diet for Sportsmen

Dr. Vijay Kumar Srivastav

Lesson Planning in Education and Physical Education

Dr. K.S Chakraborty

A Guide for U.G.C Examination for Physical Education

Dr. S.K. Kutty

Sports Psychology and All Around Development

Veena Verma

Rules and Measurement in Sports

Mukesh Kumar

Practical Yoga

Sunil Kumar Sharma

Sports Psychology

Prof Gangopadhyay

Handbook of Athletics

Dr. Baljit SIngh

Handbook of Sports Injuries
P. Narang
Yoga and Women's Health
Sandhu D'Souza
Dictionary of Sports
Dr. A.K. Srivastava
Leisure and Recreational Activities
Dr. S.C. Mishra

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